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Weddings are probably some of the most magical moments we can dream of, but the cost on the planet can be devastating. We have a few options to reduce your impact when planning your wedding and on your special day.

Flower Arrangement

Hen parties

Indulge in a uniquely delightful pre-wedding experience with our specialised hen party workshops, where creativity and celebration come together! Our workshops are designed to add a personal touch to your wedding day, as you and your bridal party craft charming and useful items that will enhance the big day. From crafting beautiful party favors that reflect your style and theme to creating bespoke confetti that gives back to the planet and adds a touch of magic to your ceremony, our hands-on sessions promise laughter and love. These workshops not only provide a fun and memorable activity for your hen party but also ensure that the love and effort poured into each creation become cherished elements of your wedding day, making it an event to remember for both you and your guests. Let the joy of crafting become an integral part of your journey to the aisle!

Flower Composition

The big day

Add a little sustainability to your dream wedding with our personalised eco activities brought directly to your chosen venue. We understand the significance of making your special day both memorable and environmentally responsible. Our team will travel to your selected location, whether it's a scenic outdoor spot or a traditional indoor setting, to infuse your wedding celebration with sustainable charm. From eco-friendly crafts to keep the children entertained to seed sowing activities that mean every guest can take home a piece of the wedding. Please do get in touch with us to chat through your plans. We can't wait to hear from you!

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