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Staff event, youth group, kids party, office bonding, school trip, community group, eco days......

We deliver sessions to all ages and abilities. We work with schools, isolation groups, community organisations, charities, festivals, shopping centres and corporate businesses.
You can ask us to help plan your event with sustainability in mind, host a community clean up, deliver a workshop or speak at your next meeting. What about an office party? The possibilities of what we can do are limitless and we would love to be involved.

Corporate Team Building

Take a look at our slides below and get in touch if you want some more information.

Grow Your Vision

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Everything we deliver treads as lightly on Earth as possible from start to finish. From our materials and supplies to our staffing transport and uniform, we really do care about our carbon footprint.

We hope that we can inspire and empower you and your group. 

We look forward to working with you.


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