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Project Gambia:
Our newest project. We are embarking on a new and exciting journey, connecting communities in Gambia with communities in the UK. December 2023 we asked our followers and audience to get involved in making up Christmas shoe boxes for a child in need in The Gambia. Our shoe boxes were a little bit different though and we asked people to make them plastic free and environmentally concsious. We just couldn't send over any more plastic to Gambia. We sent just over 30 boxes and this year we'd like to aim for 50! 
Our project also includes case studies on students to help us identify behaviour and attitudes and how these might effect sustainability issues. 
If you'd like to see regular updates on this project and our time spent in Gambia, please watch our for social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.
Other donations:
If you'd prefer to give to projects happening here in the UK and give a little to help with litter picking costs, community projects and running costs please use this link.


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