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And so the Gambia Project begins...

A very quick post to mark the start of this Gambian experience.

Day one in Gambia: 

We visited a local school where nursery children sang and danced for us. We painted their faces- something that here at Wild Earth Movement we aren’t shy of!

A quick lunch break back at the hotel and a vegetable sandwich which interestingly is 3 types of onion on delicious home made bread.

( I am learning that the term vegetable is used loosely and seems to mean mostly onion.)

The afternoon was a visit to the locals; a community living next to a rubbish dump site. These people don’t have much- but they do have everything they need. They are proud of what they have. They live in mud houses within small compounds. The children greet me with the biggest smiles and a local lady washes clothes in buckets that have been mended with fishing rope. Honestly these clothes are spotless clean- my washing machine does not work as well or hard as these wonderful woman. 

The children want to hold my hand as I walk through the village and I find the dumping site. The children run off from me into the dip and start to play together- this is their playground. 

Nappies, textiles, plastic bottles, tyres, food wrappers.

Happy people, in circumstances that are beyond us, so how do we help?

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