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Who we are...


Wild Earth Movement is an environmental not -for-profit organisation based in the West Midlands, UK. That means that any fundraising/ paid sessions/ money we make from selling merchandise goes straight back into WEM. We use the funds to purchase things we need for eco sessions with children, litter picking equipment and helps keep a lot of our events either low cost or free!

We create awareness of environmental impacts on the planet with a strong focus on waste, litter and plastic pollution. We host all sorts of events, sessions, workshops and activities around the West Midlands and beyond.

From community litter picks with prizes and freebies to home education sessions for little ones, we really want to make it our mission to include everybody we can in some way or another.

Last year we hosted our biggest event yet, a big plastic free, eco market in the heart of Stourbridge bringing in well over 1000 visitors to shop more sustainably.

As well as all of the above, we arrange activities for bigger events that are organised by others, Eg, shopping centre activities and festivals. We are constantly reaching out to local councils on how to make our environment a nicer place to live and we work with schools delivering hands on classes and assemblies. 

We are always looking for funding and grants to both apply for and be involved in so if you want to get in touch please do so via the contact page or email.


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