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who we are

We are a start-up social enterprise committed to making change across the globe. Our goal is to create cleaner, healthier environments by reducing human impact and waste.

We are partnering with communities, schools, businesses and other organisations to overcome sustainability barriers. These barriers include but are not limited to access to education and capacity building, access to capital investment, income and social inequality, as well as overconsumption. We will provide funding where needed, knowledge and resources to provide education and innovative solutions. We aim to create change, bring communities together, generate jobs and build clean local environments. 

​We will initially be collaborating with schools in the UK (then expanding to communities around the world), creating online resources and interactive classes that will educate on sustainability topics. We will also will be helping business’s create pro-active steps to change to more sustainable, eco- friendly ways and help them manage their waste more effectively.

Our workshops, products, partnerships and donations will generate funds to these exciting and necessary programs. We are always looking to expand our movement and manifest a world we can all be proud of.

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