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Where you come in...


Like all small businesses, engagement on our posts means so much. The more you hit the like, save, comment and share buttons, the more Instagram and Facebook robots think our posts are good enough to show others. When you give us a follow we do a happy dance!

Here are some other ways in which you can help out:

  • Join our clean ups, tell your friends, bring your dogs & send us your photos.                                                                                                             

  • Book in to one of our eco workshops.                                                                       

  • If you work in a school please talk about us and get us involved.                        

  • If you have access to funding, grants or donations please put Wild Earth Movement forward for the work we do.                                                                  

  • Support our raffles/ fundraisers/ tombolas. They are sometimes online or out in person. We also accept any donations of items we can use as prizes. We try to keep them as plastic free and sustainable as possible.         

  • Buy from the WEM shop. We have recycled litter picking equipment and the best spill proof coffee cups (also made from recycled materials).

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